my first food post!

Thank you for all the warm welcomes! I greatly appreciate it :). Today was kind of slow, probably  because one of my professors had a furlough day. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term, professors in California are required to take a certain number of unpaid days off (damn you budget cuts! damn you!), which we call furlough days. I wonder if other states are having this problem as well? Anyway, my religion class had one of those today. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the extra time off, but we’re not payin’ for our education to not go to class! On the bright side, the weather has gotten better here in SoCal–no rain! I was finally able to reunite with one of my beloved blazers:

Ignore the dirty mirror. Please.

I have been obsessed with those thigh high boots for a good minute now! Ahh well, enough of that. On to my meals.

Breakfast was a whole-wheat english muffin with peanut butter and half of a banana.


How many times have you seen that for breakfast eh? Too many times, I know. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is deeeeeeeelicious! It was nicely accompanied by a glass of chocolate soy milk.

Lunch was also another staple. Behold, the wrap.

The wheat wrap contained lettuce, chicken breast, green bell peppers, low-fat cheddar cheese, mustard, pepper, and of course, green chili peppers! Always gotta have something spicy! Always.

I also had some of these babies! 100 calorie pack Sun Chips. These are probably sooo bad for me, but I can’t let them go :(. If anyone knows a good alternative, let me know! I also had some celery and carrots with lemon.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have a snack today. Hmmm… Dinner was sort of an experiment. My mom makes these vegetable “tortillas” and I thought it was time I tried it for myself. First, I started off with some green beans:

It was hard not to just add lemon to this and eat it alone; I LOVE lemons. A little too much sometimes.

Next, I added a carrot, a chili pepper, and an egg, for cooking purposes. Add some PAM no-cooking spray to a pan, and voila! A green bean tortilla.

It looks better when my  mom makes it. Ohhhh the perks of living away from home. It tastes better than it looks though, and it isn’t burnt, although my smoke detector would tell you otherwise. I swear that thing goes off during at least one meal a day! I added a veggie patty because I knew I’d still be hungry with just the beans. I had some more carrots and celery, but I’m sure you don’t want to see that twice. Dessert will be the other half of the banana from breakfast with some peach frozen yogurt, mmm. I’m off to go bury myself in the rest of homework. Ta ta for now!



Hello everyone (or just Hannah, whatever works) and welcome to my new blog. I have religiously followed fashion blogs for years now, as well as health and food blogs for the past couple months, so I figured it was time to make one of my own. Instead of having to settle for one or the other, I decided, hell, why not both?!

This blog will be used as a way to record what I eat everyday (as well as some occasional outfits, inspiration, daily encounters, ah hell, just life in general) in order to hopefully help me live a healthier lifestyle (who wants to tell the world they ate a dozen donuts in one sitting?) and give me something to look back on when I’m older and wiser ;). Look at me rambling along without properly introducing myself; in the voice of Stephanie Tanner, how rude!

That’s me, Sheilla; I’m the smiley one with the weird lookin’ haircut. Please excuse the myspace-esque photo–next ones will be better, promise! I am a freshly-turned 18 year old (let freeeedom riiiing!) university student in Los Angeles. My original major is finance, but like many blossoming, aimless, unstable young adults, that will most likely change in the future. I will get better at this blogging thing as time goes on and hopefully there will be more than one person reading about it (HI MOM!!!). On that note, I think I will get to bed so that tomorrow will come sooner–I can’t wait to write my first real post! Nerdy? Maybe. Do I care? Of course not 😉

Til tomorrow,